Monday, January 10, 2011

My Life is Back, Thinking About the Future Much?

I have enjoyed having my life back. I got some friends back, and I've also gained new friends as I took my first steps on SPSCC's campus. I've came across some weird people, but you know what? I am a weird person, we all are weird in a way, so I shouldn't say that. I feel really good about my self right now, knowing I'm in the right place. I missed the feeling of having my homework done, it's a great feeling. 
What matters to me, is that I proved my parents wrong. I was going through a phase in which I didn't know what I was going to do about my college education. And they thought I wasn't going go through with it. Well, I jumped on my rear end, and got myself ready for it. I am now a college girl. I'm proud of the effort I put in, and I'm still fighting to be a better person each and everyday.  I always picture myself in the future. Who I would be? Who would you be? I try not to freak myself out by not thinking about that question a lot.
I catch myself thinking about the future way too much. I can dream, yes, but I know certain things won't come true, and that's okay. A couple of days ago, I was walking through Target and I came across a wall accessory that says "Follow the path your dreams take you." I instantly put it in my basket. Sometimes I don't know if there's a path drawn out for you, but maybe there is. Did God draw it out for you? Who knows. Who knows until I reach my dreams.

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