Thursday, January 27, 2011

Have You Ever Told Your Parents This?

A lot of us have the best parents in the world. Some of us don't. For me, my parents are the best people in the world. They teach you right from wrong, they are there for you, and they love you. No matter if you go out and do bad things, your parents may not like you, but they love you. My mom and dad have told me that. There were times where they didn't like me, but they still loved me. Have you ever told your parents that you appreciate them and for what they do for you? Have you ever thanked them? I appreciate everything they have done for me, whether it was buying groceries, grounding me (ha ha), and other things. I may have not told them lately, but I should. If you think about it, they have a Mother's Day and they also have a Father's Day. Why not combine the two holidays so it becomes Parent's Day? When I turned 18, I thought that I could do anything I pleased. I would leave and return when I felt like it. It didn't go through to my parents well, they did not like that. Reason being? It was because it was their house, their rules. I was trying to make my own rules, which did not work. I'm sure every 18 year  old goes through something like this. This is when you think that your parents are stupid and that they don't care. Well obviously they do. They've been 18 before, and they know things. It's not always about "having fun" it's about being responsible. That's what they teach you. I regret something. This is a huge regret for me. I wish I could bring everything back. I wished I spent more time with my parents last summer. I was never home. And with all the drama, if none of that ever happened, I would have spent more time with them. They don't know this, but I wish I didn't leave the house and came home around 1 am. Since I moved out, my relationship with my parents is so much better. They were right about everything. Being an adult is not about "having fun." It's about getting out there and being responsible. That finally got through to my head, and here I am, I'm done having fun, I'm in college and working. I'm being responsible. Because of who? Because of me, and because of my parents. They are not stupid, no matter what. They have been teenagers before and they do know what they're talking about. So, have you ever told your parents that you appreciate them? Maybe you should. To my parents, you are wonderful people, you have taught me right from wrong, and still teaching me! I love you guys so much. =)

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