Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Second Chances Don't Always Work

I just had a learning experience not too long ago. When I thought I invited another friend in to my life, I didn't know that i would end so fast. I didn't realize what I put myself into and how it would end up. When I thought the friendship was going to be better, it ended up being worse. Looks like I had my first learning experience of the year! I will definitely learn from this one. I mean, I can give second chances, but I have to be careful who I give one to. I wrote a very nice, mature, goodbye letter to this person, and I hope it's for the best. I want this person to know, that this is a very good thing, and that there will be other things in the future in which will be more important or whatnot. I'm giving some advice to some of my best friends and I'm sure you guys know what I'm about to say. Don't give people second chances unless you know for sure it's going to work, otherwise you're going to get a door slammed in your face. As of now, I can really look forward to new things without thinking of looking back. 
I will not look back, I'm faced forward. I am on a new path.

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