Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Bought A Purple Shirt. I Don't Like Purple, But I'm Gonna Pull it Off!

Yes, yesterday I believe it was, I used my gift cards to do some shopping. I can't wear purple, but I realized that there is a new year around the corner, so why not try something new. I picked out a purple top, it's very cute. One problem: I don't like the color purple. I can't wear it because I can't pull it off. Well hello NEW YEAR, I am going to wear purple. I am going to pull it off! I don't care what people say. Also today, I did some more shopping and I bought stuff for school, which is next Monday! I am so excited! I'm all packed, got my books, and just gotta get my parking permit.  My theme for this blog post is basically telling you that if there's a color you can't wear or you don't like, go buy that color and just wear it, maybe it'll change your mind. I gotta cut this short for tonight, talk to ya lata! 

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