Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Past and the Beginning

I had friends that I hung out with everyday. Until day by day, they all started drifting away. I look at pictures of this past summer and realize we had a wonderful friendship with full of surprises and secrets. Well now, I only have a few people to look up to. My best friends, my true friends. My family. I miss the past, I miss hanging out with everyone, but we all just stopped talking, started to get treated like crap by them. Well, now, all I have is the beginning. The past is behind me, and all I have to do is look ahead. There will be new beginnings, new secrets,a new life. Another huge thing of the past that stuck, was having the most amazing boyfriend. He was everything to me. But he had to leave too, and I have to move on. Like all my friends and family said, "Megan, there's more out there for you. Don't sulk and be sad, live." Right now, I'm starting to make a list of new things I want to do in the new year. One, I'd like to learn to skateboard, starting getting into activities, clubs. I just need to make myself happy.

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