Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sometimes Plans Get Flushed Down the Toilet

What a wonderful day it has been. Had coffee with a friend that I haven't seen in forever. Took my car to the car wash. After that, a lot of drama went down. Now, drama, I thought was in the past, until, this had to happen. You know when you make plans with another friend, and they totally "forget" about you. You text them, but they ignore you, and you find out that they're out and about with other people. When they look at their phone constantly. Well, as of right now, I do not care. I'm putting this behind me and moving forward, like I have said in the past blogs. It's not worth my time, when I'm getting ditched like this. Oh well. I just tell myself to forget about it, move on, there are better people out there who want to be around you and have fun. All that matters, is hanging around the people who love you. If they don't want you around, then you're wasting your time. I'm hoping tomorrow goes well. Well, it's off to sleep for now. Goodnight. 

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