Sunday, December 19, 2010

If You Don't Get an Apology, They Do Not Care Enough...

I wake up today, trying to figure out what I was going to plan. I had absolutely nothing. I did have the option to going to a birthday party, but I couldn't trust myself with people there that I do not like. So, I just decided to stay home for the day. It was actually a really nice relaxing day, since a few days before my days have been full. So, let's just say today was the day of rest. I read some more of my book, I'm almost finished =). I have no finished a book since my junior year of high school. So my point of this post today, is that, if someone you care about hurt you, and you don't get an apology from them, they do not care enough. Are certain people in your life worth it? This is a question that has been running through my head for so many months, and I finally know who exactly matters to me. 
 And now that my question is answered, I now have a clear road on where I want to go. With nothing to get in my way, I will not run into any bumpy roads to delay me. I'm very thankful for everything I have right now. The best family, and the best friends. They watch me crash and burn, but they always help me find my way back on the road. So, if you're waiting for an apology from someone who hurt you badly and always promised you things, don't wait, just move on, and they can continue messing up other relationships. As of right now, I do not let things like this get in my way. I push them out of my way and continue my adventure. It's all I can do. Maybe it's all you can do. 

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