Monday, December 13, 2010

Where Should I Go?

What kind of places are calling my name? Palm trees and warm breezes? Frequent horns of taxis around the city? Douglas firs in every direction you look. This is the place that I reside. The place that my family and friends reside along with me. But there is a voice inside me saying, maybe I should go look for a new adventure. What kind of place do I choose? Palm trees, warm breezes, sunshine year round? I'm thinking so. But another part of me wants to keep me here. And maybe I do want to stay here. There could be new adventures in other places, but I will never know, Washington is a pretty big place, from the tip of the Space Needle to the crop fields in Eastern Washington. There is bound to be something new. California is not a perfect place, but that's the place where every girl wants to go. To make their dreams come true, to meet new friends, to find new places to shop. To just make a new person out of themselves. That's what I feel. Seattle could be that same way, right? Except for the rain 75% of the year and there are no palm trees along the streets. I do have a choice on where to go. My mind is playing tug-o-war. California or Washington, maybe Oregon? Who knows. When I make up my mind, I'll be sure to let you know.

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